The Golden Circus is a creative project born in 2010 from a long-life passion for fashion and crafts.

It is your source for constantly renewed collections of curated apparel: ancient silk kimonos, ethnic textiles, handmade accessories, and sartorial vintage clothing.

All pieces are unique, made according to traditional production techniques, and speak of the culture they come from. They all have a story and we will be happy to share it with you. 

"Wearing these pieces - Sonia explains - makes you aware of the incredible amount of work and the fantastic workmanship that was put into them. In this sense, all of them are real treasures.

They were made to last and we want them to last by allowing them to be worn again. Choosing them is also a way to oppose the high-waste logic of cheap replaceable fashion."

The current expression of the Golden Circus is the tantalizing pop-up store in Berlin Prenzlauerberg, Marienburgerstrasse 11. In the same space is hosted a changing selection of contemporary designers and artists.

Come and see us!